Naked in Nashville.


I totally just got butt nekkid in this coffee shop’s bathroom.  I needed a whore’s bath like no other.  There’s nothing like a clean pair of drawers.   Well maybe clean sheets right after you’ve shaved your legs…

Yesterday I did much better with my diet.  No slip ups.  It’s really so damn easy.

Huntsville, AL – kind of fabulous.  There’s a super cool Arts Co-Op there that’s ridiculous.  You’d never need to leave!

Bookstore – check

Cafe – check

Theatre – check

Vintage clothing store – check

Cheap studio space – check

Community garden – check

Record store – check

WTF, Savannah?  We need something like this.  Every community needs a Lowe Mill period.   This place made my job a breeze.  I can’t thank my new friend, Gregory, enough for showing me around and talking me into coming to Huntsville.

Goddamn, I love my job.

Now, here are some photos:

Off to Oxford, MS next!  Stay tuned.

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